Behind the Scenes of Our Tech Transformation

October 25, 2021

By Srinivas Koneru, CEO

When I started Triterras, I envisioned that we would use technology as a competitive advantage to deliver value to our clients. To make this happen, I knew we needed to constantly be “reinventing” our technology offerings — and company — to stay ahead.

Most of our technology is not visible to our clients and is designed to work seamlessly to effectuate client growth, profitability and sustainability. But we invest a great deal of time, effort and money on what’s “behind the curtain” so that we can meet and exceed client expectations. Our technology value proposition is embedded in the fabric of our culture; as a company we are always challenging ourselves to close the gap and create stronger alignment with our technology development and business teams’ needs.

Our business strategy has evolved too: We have crystallized the need to include corporate development in the form of M&A or strategic partnerships. This means our agile approach to technology development must also be able to integrate other companies’ technology into our own solutions.

Chief Technology Officer Sri Vasireddy, who joined us earlier this year, is guiding this ongoing transformation. We have asked Sri to give interested stakeholders a detailed look at the strategic endeavors he’s leading at Triterras. The macro view of this metamorphosis currently includes three key areas: Security, Development and Integration.

Sri will ensure that our technology team has state of the art development capabilities that are the best in the trade finance space. He’s on a mission to keep us agile while delivering more and more benefits to our client base in a short time frame and optimizing development and integration costs.

The following post is Sri’s first installment in describing the early chapters of his work. I hope you enjoy learning more about the investments we’re making at Triterras, and I welcome your comments.

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